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International Relations and Exchange Programmes Coordination Office

Dear Students and Student Candidates,

No doubt, education is the most fundamental support of humanity, existing with goals in life.Basic arguments, used at the development of humanity and rise of civilization could happen by means of technological developments. In time, transferring improvement among generations could be possible by means of educational institutions.

Within the young and determined structure, our university is in the desire of transforming to a source for not only the people living in Turkey, but also for world people utilizing. Within the 107.000 m2 campus field, while establishing all kinds of comfort of students, at the same time thanks to peaceful landscape hosting hundreds of tree too, our university makes the students ready for new informations every day.

We are in the desire of sharing our technical opportunities and our academical staff who are qualified and precious in their academic field with the student candidates in all over the world. We know that it will be easier for you to reach your goals that you planned about your life and your future by only trusting, loving and believing to our university. We will be happy to see you in our university and in our country within the spirit of Turkish hospitality.

As Antalya AKEV University International Relationships Coordination Office, we are ready to become near you with all our power in reaching your goals that you put for your tomorrows and future. If you want to step for a future that you will be proud of, we are waiting for you to Antalya AKEV University. 

Mr. Kadir USTA

International Relations

Exchange Programmes Coordinator